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PSD Global Academy - Decision Making Process

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance, communication, and clarity about how decisions are made as related to the Poudre School District and PSD Global Academy.  The Poudre School District’s Board of Education delegates responsibilities to the Superintendent restricted by and defined by executive limitations and Ends Policies.  Ultimately, the superintendent is responsible for the leadership and the prudent management of the district’s operational and instructional functions of the district.  At the building level, there is a collaborative process allowing for input and partnership, agreement and opposition, and ultimately a clear mission for the school community.  Due to the unique nature of each school within the Poudre School District, the decision-making matrix may vary from school to school.

  •  D = Decision maker:  person or group responsible for developing a course of action and leading implementation
  •  IP = Input Provider:  person or group who provides ideas or information so decisions maker(s) can make informed decisions.
  •  C = Collaborative participant:  person or group who partners with decision maker(s) in processing info, development of actions.

Click here to download the PGA Decision Making Matrix (pdf)

PSD Global Academy - School Operations Teams

Team Members Meeting

School Central Leadership Team

  • Cheryl Fenlason
  • Brad Avery
  • Chris Hagge​
  • Robin Herd
Monthly (minimum)

Student Support Teams (SST)

  • Brady Avery
  • Val Cox
  • Brian Park
  • Ann Eakins
Every 2 weeks

School Accountability Committee (SAC)

  • Doug McCasland
  • Cheryl Fenlason
  • Robin Herd
  • Linda Miller
  • Ryan James
  • Jessy Lloyd
  • Brad Avery

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

​​Link Here for PTO Website

Monthly during school year