Academics & Departments

At the Poudre School District Global Academy, each student is given the opportunity to create an individualized academic plan.  From college-credit AP courses to credit recovery options, each student will be supported to maximize his/her potential.

Our students must meet the same PSD graduation requirements as other students to receive a diploma upon graduation.  Our Colorado certified and licensed teachers will lead students through a highly-interactive and engaging online curriculum.  All of our classes meet or exceed state standards.  On-campus enrichment and academic support is available throughout the week.

We provide the highest quality online learning environment by combining the best in nationally accredited online course providers, national and local teachers, local support staff, and our local Enrichment Center.  Our courses are provided by the following: k12 Inc / Fuel, Aventa / Fuel Learning, and the Poudre School District Blackboard.

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Design element - 141 X 126 (5 KB)  Grades K-8

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Our three schools…

Our elementary, middle, and high schools have opportunities to work together through clubs (Book Buddies), leadership (Student Council), and service (Community Projects).  This school wide sense of community provides the following benefits for all of our students:

  • responsibility for self, school, and others
  • leadership and modeling for younger students
  • identity and connection to school
  • socialization and relationships with peers and staff

At all grade levels, local teachers are available online and on-site to help meet individual student needs, and we enjoy this opportunity to really get to know our kids.

The combination of cutting-edge technology PLUS the enrichment activities truly provides a:



Elementary School (K-5)

Our elementary school provides an opportunity for the at-home Learning Coach (usually a parent) to work with our licensed teaching staff.  The child benefits from the partnership created between caring adults at home and school - the PGA Learning Team.  At home, our younger students spend less time at the computer screen.  Rather, the Learning Coach receives directions for hands-on and offline lessons in which the child participates.

Our optional elementary enrichment program serves primary (K-2) and intermediate (3-5) students, with a strong focus on math and literacy skills.  Enrichment also includes time for hands-on science, art, and recess.  Enrichment students enjoy spending the time in small groups working on projects with their peers.  Global character education and counseling round out the enrichment course for elementary students.

Middle School (6-8)

Our middle school students spend more time online in their lessons and working directly with teachers.  We encourage the Learning Coach at home to continue to provide structure and monitoring, but we encourage our middle school students to exhibit more independence and greater responsibility in daily lessons.

Middle school students may also opt in to an on-site enrichment course.  With a heavy focus on math and literacy, additional projects incorporate hands-on 21st Century skills.  Peer relationships are encouraged as students work in small groups to complete projects and activities.  The school-wide monthly character education themes are continued with the middle school students.

High School (9-12)

Our high school students spend most of their time online in lessons, discussions, and activities.  While the at-home Learning Coach still monitors the student’s attendance and progress, our successful high school students are typically very independent, self-motivated, and communicate frequently with PGA teachers.

High school students can also elect to enroll in an on-site enrichment course.  Poudre School District Global  Academy provides opportunities for in-depth exploration of academic topics, while encouraging peer relationships and communication.  Continuing the focus on math and literacy, students enjoy hands-on science experiments, social studies projects, and character / counseling activities.  High school students are also given the opportunity for college and career planning and goal setting.