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How are Parents & Leanring Coaches supported at PGA?

1)      Parent Mentorship Program – While we always encourage Parent Learning Coaches to reach out to their teacher, counselor, or principal, we also know that there are some questions you have that only another parent can answer.  In our Parent Mentorship Program, current Learning Coaches are partnered with 3-4 new families.  Our K-8 Parent Mentors attend a training meeting, receive a mentor binder, and begin contacting their new families in the summer of enrollment. This is a powerful partnership that lasts well beyond your "rookie" year!  

2)      Jump Start Week – all Learning Coaches receive a list of activities to complete during the first week of school.  These activities include everything from emailing your Parent Mentor, to scheduling a conference with your teacher, to submitting an assignment online via OLS or LMS.

3)      Orientation – We schedule a full half day on campus of specific training topics to help parents create a schedule, navigate their online system, and ask questions about policy and expectations.  During your orientation day, Learning Coaches will also meet with individual grade level teachers.

4)      Learning Coach Academy – This is our monthly professional development program for K-8 Learning Coaches.  Past topics have included differentiation, establishing learning targets and success criteria, behavior interventions, and learning styles.  Learning Coaches earn tickets for attending and can trade them in for prizes provided by out PTO – gift cards, t-shirts, etc.  We try to meet during school hours while your children are in class, so you can truly focus on your own learning needs!

  • VOLUNTEER: Learn more HERE about Volunteers and Parent Committees
  • TESTIMONIALS: READ what other parents are saying or SUBMIT one of your own!
  • VOTE: What is your main reason for choosing online education?

ALL PARENTS: Roles & Responsibilities

The Poudre School District Global Academy allows every student an individualized and self-paced learning environment.  While we are committed to supporting each and every student, parents are an important piece in ensuring student success. 

Parents should be aware that they are essentially taking on a home-school relationship with their student.  The school provides licensed teachers, state-approved curriculum, support, and enrichment opportunities.  However, parents are directly responsible for:

  1. Supervision of their student during the school day
  2. Daily attendance & monitoring of online courses
  3. Pacing to complete courses on time

The PGA Learning Team includes the Student, Parent, and PGA Staff.  We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your child as we all work towards maximizing student success!

ALL PARENTS: We welcome your feedback & involvement!