Frequently Asked Questions

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We are so glad you asked! We are a K-12 hybrid / blended learning school. 

  • Classes = at home online and on campus (full-time)
  • Teachers & Support = on-campus local teachers and at-home “Learning Coaches” (typically a parent)
  • Curriculum = blends student-driven virtual lessons with engaging hands on projects

The Best of Both Worlds!

    Hybrid Schedule:       






K-8 students

(No change)


On Campus

8:20 - 3:30


(Middle School Open Lab in the a.m.)

On Campus

8:20 - 3:30


9-12 students

On Campus 

8:20 - 2:10 

(some electives from 2:10 - 3:30)


On Campus 8:20 - 2:10 

(some electives from 2:10 - 3:30)

Online/Remote OR Electives/Office Hours on Campus



See below for information on the following FAQ topics:

Acceptance / Eligibility



Special Needs


Cost & Fees


Testing & Assessment






Diploma & Graduation

Placement Grade Level


Who is eligible to attend Poudre School District’s Global Academy?

We welcome applications from all students grades K-12 between the ages of 5-21, living in the state of Colorado. As a School Choice School within the Poudre School District, you will be responsible for transportation to and from school on the required days.

  • Kindergarten – 8th grade: Tuesdays & Thursdays on campus
  • High School 9th-12th grade: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & some Thursday periods on campus depending on credit needs


Can a student at PGA participate in athletics?

Yes, students can participate in athletics and other extra-curricular programs.

  • Student's residing within Poudre School District boundaries: eligible to participate at neighborhood school.
  • Students residing outside of Poudre School District boundaries: eligible to participate at Fort Collins High School


Do you take attendance?  How does that work for online classes?

  • Campus: Because classes only meet on campus twice per week, attendance is required both days (for live classes and campus online class periods “OCP”).
  • Online: Online assignments will be reviewed weekly for online classes. If your student is falling behind and not completing their online work, unexcused absences will be issued.


Do you have celebrations and parties at PGA?

Yes! Our students do a lot of amazing things, and we like to celebrate their successes with classroom parties and school-wide awards ceremonies. Like other schools, classroom teachers also celebrate with their smaller groups for things like birthdays, seasonal events, and student achievement.


Do we need our own computer at home?

All students in grades 6-12 are eligible to receive a district laptop. (There is a onetime $50.00 payment due for the laptop for MS and then again for HS). Students in K-5 must provide their own computer. 

All students must provide their own home Internet access, printer, and headphones.


What does the Poudre School District Global Academy cost?

PGA is tuition-free! Because PGA is a public school in the Poudre School District, it is free for students.

Parents will need to provide high-speed internet access and a computer with speakers/audio. A student taking a foreign language or speech course would also require a microphone.


Is the Poudre School District Global Academy curriculum the same as in the traditional “brick and mortar” school?

All Poudre School District Global Academy courses align with CO academic standards and meet graduation requirements for the Poudre School District. We use a variety of digital content and standard print materials. In addition, Poudre School District Global Academy also offers some courses that are not available in the district’s traditional schools. For example, PGA offers more Advanced Placement (AP) and world language courses than other schools in the area. PGA students are also eligible for concurrent enrollment in college courses (tuition paid by PGA!). 


Will my student graduate with a Poudre School District diploma?

YES! Our PGA students meet all district graduation requirements, and students receive the same Poudre School District diploma as any other PSD student. The Poudre School District Global Academy celebrates our graduates every year with a traditional “Cap and Gown” commencement ceremony.


Are extra-curricular activities are available?

Yes – our students participate in multiple clubs and activities at PGA. Examples: Student Council, Robotics, Book Buddies, Community Service Projects, and more! We also offer elective co-curricular opportunities such as Yearbook and STEM Lab.

If a student wants to participate in an extra-curricular activity not offered at PGA (athletics, orchestra, etc.), he/she may be eligible to participate in his/her neighborhood school. Please see “Athletics” above.


Will my student have homework?  How much?

Yes - Just like a traditional school, you can generally expect your student to spend an hour per day on each subject plus homework. However, the beauty of PGA is that your student can take the time he/she needs to master subjects during their days online at home. This means your student may take a little more (or a little less) than the typical lesson time. The good news is that your child will not be left behind (or held back) by classmates, and he/she can take the time needed to learn the material. Like all schools, students can expect to have more homework as they get older, with the biggest jump between elementary and middle school. Homework may include finishing the day’s assignments, studying for an upcoming assessment, or working on projects for live labs. You or your child should contact advisors and teachers if you are having trouble setting up a manageable schedule for your home days.


Do you serve lunch at PGA?

We offer a sack lunch program through PSD Child Nutrition Department. Please see the Global Academy lunch menu for each day’s lunch options. Students must have a SchoolPay account with funds in their account 24 hours before ordering. You can find more information and the link to sign up for SchoolPay here

Elementary $2.85, Secondary $3.10


Can my child take a class above / below his or her grade level?

Yes, pending assessment data and administrator approval. Because PGA encourages “mastery based” learning, students participate in academic intervention, enrichment, and/or acceleration (rather than relying on “seat time” or periods.)


Do you accommodate students with IEPs, 504s, or other special considerations?

Yes - The student’s learning team will review each child’s individual needs to determine the best plan for student success. Because of the unique nature of PGA, where a majority of the learning occurs at home, special considerations must be made to ensure each child’s needs are being appropriately met. As space becomes available, we will ask for all supporting documentation (IEPs, 504, relevant diagnosis, etc.) to help the team create your child’s student success plan. IEPs will require review by our IS team to determine eligibility and if we have the resources to meet the IEP needs. 


Do PGA students take state tests? What tests do PGA students take?  

Yes - At PGA, we use assessments to measure individual growth of each student. This information allows us to make decisions about what your individual child needs moving forward. Your child’s teacher will use formal and informal tests to gather this information, including state and national tests, in-the-moment check ins, and curriculum content tests. As part of a learning team, we always share this information with both you and your student to create the best plan possible for your individual child. This method and the supporting assessments have proven successful --- PGA students have some of the highest academic growth ratings in the state of Colorado! 


Do you provide buses or other transportation?

No – By selecting PGA as a School of Choice, you are agreeing to provide transportation for your student on required campus class days as well as any other required appointments (including tests, parent/teacher conferences, etc.). Students may use their PGA Student ID card for free passes on Fort Collins Transfort Bus System.