About PGA


The best of both worlds--- students attend blended classes live on campus & online from home.

** Designated as Fort Collins’ only School of Innovation **

What is BLENDED LEARNING? - Click here for video

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Did you know?
  • Nationally recognized as a “K-12 Best Practices School”
  • Exceed state expectations for academic growth in elementary, middle, and high school
  • Competency-based, student-centered model – students move on when they have demonstrated mastery of a topic; not when a “bell” rings
  • Advanced Track students earn college credit and participate in leadership programs.
  • Students receive a PSD Diploma and are better prepared for 21st century colleges and careers

School Summary:
  • - Grades served: K-12 (students are welcome to enroll from anywhere within the state of Colorado)
  • - Mission: Educating Global Students in a Local Community
  • - Mascot & Colors: Pioneers - blue & gold
  • - Delivery model: Blended courses on campus and online
  • - Curriculum: Content developed by k12 Inc., Aventa Learning, FLVS, and PSDs Dept of  Curriculum and Instruction.
  • - Schedule: PGA follows the Poudre School District District Calendar for weekly progress monitoring, semester start/end dates, school closures, and teacher workdays.
  • - Faculty / Staff: Licensed by the state of Colorado and highly qualified in their content areas.  Most hold Master's Degrees or above and have experience in both traditional classrooms and online learning.  Our online teachers also deliver the on-campus instruction for blended learning and also act as grade-level Advisors, lead extra-curricular clubs, and facilitate everything from field trips to social events.  PGA teachers partner heavily with the student's at-home Learning Coach (parent).

What do our students say?


  •  “I love that I can move on when I am ready.  I am graduating early!”
  •   “I love that I am earning college credit and attending Front Range… for free!”
  •  “I love that I can have the best of both worlds –online classes at home & real teachers on  campus.”


  •   “I love the small environment, individual attention, and how just feels so positive!”
  •  “Everybody is nice and wants to be here.  It’s a school of choice.”
  •  “I love that we can socialize while we learn - group projects, field trips, discussions.”


The Poudre School District Global Academy was launched through a collaborative effort of Poudre School District leaders.  Striving to meet the needs of 21st century learners, PSD met its goal to open a truly innovative online / hybrid school, enrolling our first student in August 2009. Early on, PGA was selected as a National Best Practice school for blended learning.


PGA provides high-quality, blended education for students in grades K to 12. Accessible anytime and anywhere, students are met at his or her academic level and learning pace, while providing relevant skills and knowledge for success in the 21st century. With more than 150 core subject and elective classes, students and parents have the freedom to choose a course load that is as individualized and enjoyable as possible.

It’s about choice and innovation:

We love giving families another option for education in Northern Colorado.  Our main goal is to provide our students with every opportunity to excel as a global citizen.  We connect with other schools, other states, and other countries, but we also focus on creating lasting relationships within our own school, as stated in our mission: GLOBAL EDUCATION IN A LOCAL COMMUNITY.

Competency-based learning 

Our blended learning model allows PGA the flexibilty to provide a truly competency-based model which means that students move on when they have demonstrated mastery of a topic; not when a “bell” rings.  If our students are ready to move on, they are not held back by a classroom average.  If students need more time, they can take as long as they need on their home-learning days.  The design and rigor of our online and blended classes mean students will be challenged to do their personal best.  Most importantly, we are committed to every student’s success in a positive atmosphere!  We welcome ongoing student, parent, and community feedback and participation.