Partnering to Support and Empower Each Learner

Staff Directory

Staff Name Role Phone Number
Armour, Madeline Music Teacher 970.488.4663
Avery, Brad Assistant Principal 970.488.4605
Babcock, Molly Art Teacher 970.488.4640
Becker, Jennifer Elementary Teacher 970.488.4623
Benton, Chrissy 970.488.4635
Blumstein, Mark Mathematics Teacher 970.488.4641
Boyd, Amy Registrar 970.488.4608
Breeden, Micah Science Teacher 970.488.4630
Breese, Emily Work-Based Learning Coordinator 970-889-1633
Brown, Ira Technology Site Assistant 970.488.4609
Ciardullo , Erica Social Studies Teacher 970.488.4642
Cox, Valerie Elementary School Intervention 970.488.4629
Crane, Janine Elementary Teacher 970.488.4622
Curran, Devon Integrated Services Teacher 970.488.4616
Davis, Vicki Physical Education Teacher 970.488.4665
Denham, Stacy Dean of Students 970.488.4607
Eakins, Anne Graduation Support Coach, Counselor 970.488.4611
Eaton, Rachel Counselor 970.488.4612
Gully, Lesly School Secretary 970-488-4600
Gusak, Emilee Elementary Teacher 970.488.4624
Hagge, Chris Counselor 970.290-9709
Henke, Sheala Elementary Teacher 970.488.4625
Herd, Robin Office Manager 970.488.4602
King, Melody Mathematics Teacher 970.488.4644
Kirk, Elizabeth Music Teacher, PE / Wellness Teacher 970.488.4664
Kissel, Kris Health Technician 970.488.4603
Lasher, Lynn Instructional Paraprofessional
Lloyd, Jessy Elementary Teacher 970.488.4621
Martine, Melissa Elementary Teacher 970.488.4626
Martinez, Deanna Language Arts Teacher 970.488.4632
Mater, Lindsey Mathematics Teacher 970.488.4633
Mcgrath, Hannah Science Teacher 970.488.4647
Mickelson, Heidi Language Arts Teacher, Social Studies Teacher 970.488.4634
Nelson, Ryan Elementary Teacher 970.488.4627
Nye, Stephanie Spanish Teacher 970.488.4648
Okeson, Eliana Science Teacher 970.488.4649
Olson, Cheryl Principal 970.488.4604
Osborn, Brittany Mathematics Teacher 970.488.4636
Park, Brian Social Studies Teacher 970.488.4651
Pass, Emma Language Arts Teacher 970.488.4637
Phelan, Jane High School English Teacher 970.488.4645
Pierick, Anne Elementary Teacher 970.488.4620
Quass, Jodi 970.488.4628
Schaefer, Melissa Teen Parent Program Teacher 970.488.4650
Shannon, Candace Social Studies Teacher 970.488.4652
Shuman, Bonny Integrated Services Teacher 970-488-5609
Song , Tiana Language Arts Teacher 970.488.4653
Stele, Kristen Instructional Paraprofessional
Stevens, Kate Instructional Coach 970.488.4662
Stimac, Ginger Instructional Paraprofessional 97.488.4631
Stone, Cat Academic Support Coordinator 970.488.4646
Unruh, Dinah Mathematics Teacher 970.488.4654
van de Lindt, Carol Instructional Paraprofessional
West, Nancy Art Teacher 970.488.4666
Wilbourn, Trinity Language Arts Teacher 970.488.4655
PSD does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, veteran status, age or disability in access or admission to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities. A lack of English speaking skills will not be a barrier to admission or participation.